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How we help 

Beaconsfield Cricket Club (BCC) has been around for almost 200 years and remains a proud and passionate contributor to the community. Many thousands of pounds have been donated towards good causes over the years. This year our focus remains on Sport, Health and Schools.

BCC is working closely with local schools in the Beaconsfield area and the school PTAs, which are charitable organisations.


BCC will be again making donations to local schools after our fireworks event in 2023. Since 2016 twelve local schools in South Bucks have benefited from donations from the Cricket Club.

- The Beaconsfield School

- Butlers Court School

- Beaconsfield High School

- Holtspur School

- High March School

- Davenies School

- Thorpe House School

- John Hampden School

- The Royal Grammar School

- Alfriston School

- St Mary's School

- The 4th Beaconsfield Scouts

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